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cFemonReceiver Class Reference

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

bool AC3_2_0 (void)
bool AC3_5_1 (void)
int AC3AudioCodingMode (void)
double AC3Bitrate (void)
int AC3BitStreamMode (void)
int AC3CenterMixLevel (void)
int AC3DialogLevel (void)
int AC3DolbySurroundMode (void)
int AC3FrameSize (void)
bool AC3LfeOn (void)
int AC3SamplingFreq (void)
double AC3StreamBitrate (void)
int AC3SurroundMixLevel (void)
bool AC3Valid (void)
double AudioBitrate (void)
int AudioMPEGLayer (void)
int AudioSamplingFreq (void)
double AudioStreamBitrate (void)
bool AudioValid (void)
 cFemonReceiver (int Ca, int Vpid, int Apid[], int Dpid[])
int VideoAspectRatio (void)
double VideoBitrate (void)
int VideoFormat (void)
double VideoFrameRate (void)
int VideoHorizontalSize (void)
double VideoStreamBitrate (void)
bool VideoValid (void)
int VideoVerticalSize (void)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void Action (void)
virtual void Activate (bool On)
virtual void Receive (uchar *Data, int Length)

Private Member Functions

void GetAC3Info (uint8_t *mbuf, int count)
void GetAudioInfo (uint8_t *mbuf, int count)
void GetVideoInfo (uint8_t *mbuf, int count)

Private Attributes

int m_AC3AudioCodingMode
double m_AC3Bitrate
int m_AC3BitStreamMode
int m_AC3CenterMixLevel
int m_AC3DialogLevel
int m_AC3DolbySurroundMode
int m_AC3FrameSize
bool m_AC3LfeOn
int m_AC3PacketCount
int m_AC3Pid
int m_AC3SamplingFreq
int m_AC3StreamBitrate
int m_AC3SurroundMixLevel
bool m_AC3Valid
double m_AudioBitrate
int m_AudioMPEGLayer
int m_AudioPacketCount
int m_AudioPid
int m_AudioSamplingFreq
double m_AudioStreamBitrate
bool m_AudioValid
int m_VideoAspectRatio
double m_VideoBitrate
int m_VideoFormat
double m_VideoFrameRate
int m_VideoHorizontalSize
int m_VideoPacketCount
int m_VideoPid
double m_VideoStreamBitrate
bool m_VideoValid
int m_VideoVerticalSize

Detailed Description

Definition at line 54 of file femonreceiver.h.

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