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cFemonOsd Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

bool DeviceSwitch (int direction)
double GetAudioBitrate (void)
double GetDolbyBitrate (void)
double GetVideoBitrate (void)
virtual eOSState ProcessKey (eKeys Key)
virtual void Show (void)

Static Public Member Functions

static cFemonOsdInstance (bool create=false)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void Action (void)
 cFemonOsd (const cFemonOsd &)
virtual void ChannelSwitch (const cDevice *device, int channelNumber)
cFemonOsdoperator= (const cFemonOsd &)
virtual void SetAudioTrack (int Index, const char *const *Tracks)

Private Member Functions

void DrawInfoWindow (void)
void DrawStatusWindow (void)

Private Attributes

static cBitmap bmAspectRatio_16_9
static cBitmap bmAspectRatio_2_21_1
static cBitmap bmAspectRatio_4_3
static cBitmap bmCarrier
static cBitmap bmDD
static cBitmap bmDD20
static cBitmap bmDD51
static cBitmap bmDevice
static cBitmap bmFive
static cBitmap bmFour
static cBitmap bmMonoLeft
static cBitmap bmMonoRight
static cBitmap bmNTSC
static cBitmap bmOne
static cBitmap bmPAL
static cBitmap bmSignal
static cBitmap bmSync
static cBitmap bmThree
static cBitmap bmTwo
static cBitmap bmViterbi
uint32_t m_BER
int m_DisplayMode
const cFont * m_Font
int m_Frontend
struct dvb_frontend_info m_FrontendInfo
fe_status_t m_FrontendStatus
cTimeMs m_InputTime
cMutex * m_Mutex
int m_Number
int m_OldNumber
cOsd * m_Osd
uint16_t m_Signal
uint16_t m_SNR
uint32_t m_UNC

Static Private Attributes

static cBitmap bmAspectRatio_1_1
static cBitmap bmLock
static cBitmap bmStereo
static cBitmap bmZero
static cFemonOsdpInstance = NULL

Detailed Description

Definition at line 22 of file femonosd.h.

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